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For the benefits of newcomers and maybe you're wondering why there is so much paid trolls against Bitcoin Cash in the past 5 years, here's the history and also the purpose behind Bitcoin Cash, the peer to peer digital cash system for the world.

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

you know when you want to do too many things so you do none of them?

Of course, the crippling of Bitcoin Core and subsequent astroturfed alteration of the narrative to pervert crypto culture into just becoming about selling for more USD hasn't helped. It shouldn't be a surprise though, that the enemies of abundance would seek to hijack things in such a way.

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How do we get local businesses to see that we are not trying to scam them, or engage in some pyramid scheme, but instead bootstrap a real peer to peer economy able to transcend the inflationary value dilution of central banking currencies and corrupt governments?

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I don't want to just sit on a pile of crypto like a dragon hoarding its stash. i want to get it circulating around into the wallets of those who help make my life better, so that they can then be empowered as well, and abundance for all can be increased.

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Here's the thing though: The crypto economy only really works if people actually use it to generate and exchange value with one another.

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Reporting from the edge of reality, via the digital underground, and a world of privilege: I am awake way too early in the morning today. But also, Bitcoin Cash (along with most other wannabe cryptocurrencies) are on sale at a discount this week!

Sitting in Plato's cave, amidst the madness of the matrix, a programmed reality, through the simulation.

Finding ourselves wandering within the matrix once again.

Aboard this giant ship of madness, we ride on through the apocalypse, into neverwhere.

Sometimes, one must simple wake up and delve back into the art, no matter how overwhelming or hopeless it all may seem.

Perceptual filter, a representation of the shfiting timewave through a reality translation matrix between dimensions.

A virtual Hobbit Asylum in Decentraland. A gathering place within the digital illusion. Coordinates 33,67 on the pretend play map of the blockchain.

AltaRED : To shift the timeline, entering an extradimensional vortex. Unreality.

The algorithms that govern how our data is collected, shared, and seen should be under our collective control as a community, as well as individually in the apps we use to access and interface.

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Can we make the internet anew again, like it was before the social media monopolies? But keeping the open source tech advances, doing it peer 2 peer, decentralized, indiviidualized.

The big question now is: Can I get myself to care? Really care, and not in a forced performative way. Can I? Make myself? How?

A new group mind forms with every social media platform connection network.

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Hobbit Asylum

A gathering spot for friends of the Hobbit Asylum in virtual reality.