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capitalism frames "the economy" like some kind of vengeful god that must be satiated, with blood if necessary, lest it render its baleful judgment upon humanity. in fall we'll feed it the blood of children

"Everything we do to make it harder to create a website or edit a web page, and harder to learn to code by viewing source, promotes that consumerist vision of the web.

Pretending that one needs a team of professionals to put simple articles online will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Overcomplicating the web means lifting up the ladder that used to make it possible for people to teach themselves and surprise everyone with unexpected new ideas. "

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Hey new users! A few suggestions for better homes: 

- Are you a leftist?
- Love gameing, but hate GG?
- Into technology?
- Generalistic, but want a less noisy public timeline?
- Cyberpunk?
- Artist?
- Photographer?
- Mathematician?

Feel free to tell me your interests for more suggestions!

sometimes i have this daydream where the current capitalist hellscape world we live in is just, like, a hella advanced historical VR simulation or something and really it's the year like 3000 and anarchism has been established

and like maybe the purpose of the simulation is to show people the dangers of capitalism by letting them experience it firsthand, because those who forget history are condemned to repeat it

this would make a good scifi story

It's interesting to think that jurrasic park was made on a computer that probably isn't powerful enough to watch jurrasic park on youtube

what exactly do you think you're saying when you make a guillotine joke? or say that a reactionary gets the wall? or advocate punching Nazis? political violence is authority, plain and simple. All political theory is about how violence- and therefore, authority- is distributed. the point of a revolution is not to eliminate authority, which we've already established is impossible, but rather to use it to force a more just world into existence.

Over the last 10 or so years, #IT as well as my perception of it has fundamentally changed.

I used to think that IT *had* problems – nowadays I think it *is* a problem.

Now, I'm seeing it primarily as a means of "soft" subjugation – the way #surveillance is getting built into everything in a way supporting (capitalist) power structures and IT people by and large not giving a rats ass has become a systemic issue of late capitalism.

A thing I wish more people in IT would understand:

The fact that browsers come with their own lists of trusted root CAs and the poor UX around managing CA trust is a big problem because it centralizes that trust.

It means that in practice who you trust on the web is decided by your browser vendor – it means that for the majority of humanity #Google gets to decide who is trustworthy and who isn't.

"When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create."

I do think the main blockers to achieving a software freedom future are:

1) Apple/Google's duopoly over our phones. Phones provide all the computing many, but not all, people need.
2) The sheer dominance of DRM in, and beyond, our entertainment. DRM is fundamentally based on the ideology of proprietary software.

Without achieving a significant foothold in the smartphone & entertainment markets, I can't see our movement being anything but niche.

Beyond that, it's just spreading our ideology...

i didn't realize till just now how fucked up it is that the first thing these progressive cities do when there is a homelessness problem is to make a team of cops specifically to remove displaced people instead of investing in housing programs

Some days are a real struggle. When it feels as if there is nothing but perpetual hopelessness from here to the infinite horizon, finding the drive within to even get out of bed and continue moving muscles can be a real challenge. Moment by moment, step by step, remembering that this feeling is just another passing sensation, or transitory thought. Letting it all go, moment by moment, the only way to breathe again.

Dear fellow cis people,

Trans women are women.
Trans men are men.
Nonbinary people are people.
Respect pronouns.
Respect names.
Respect people.


PS. Cis is not a slur. You are not being oppressed for being cis.

One of my favourite things to challenge when talking politics with people is the idea that we live in a democratic society. Sure we vote occasionally, but do you vote for your landlord? Your boss? The cops on your block? These are the people that hold power over you.

@paralithode I hope they will also consider accepting cryptocurrency and paying creators in an open source blockchain designed and ready to scale for mass use such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which allows funds to be sent p2p without need for banks or government documents.

intrigued by this recently announced #coop alternative to patreon!

"Comradery is NOT intended for any business or nonprofit that is not cooperatively owned. Comradery is NOT for anyone employed by, or raising money for law enforcement agencies of any kind. This is our ‘No Bosses, No Cops’ rule."

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