algorithmic code contemplation + image output 

What a time to rock out in the moonlight magic! What a time to set out on a legendary quest, through this imaginary land, via the power of the algorithm, a calculation from the objects, data in memory generated with opcodes output by the compiler, derived from the C++ code, translated out of the vision...

Digital Art Output image 

Output of the Code, the Digital Art: A Diamond Triangle Hex pattern, inspired by the legendary Diamond Square algorithm, generated through the C++ code (the real art is the code itself, not this sample output image, but it provides a demonstration as well as an object of meditation to inspire further development of the art)

Displacement of Reality brought about by existing within a shadow tunnel dimension, apart yet within the meta-material frequency of the eternal mundane, transcending out of the starlight path.

All this madness and chaos on the exchanges! Time to get that Bitcoin Cash off these centralized platforms, into our private wallets, not just to hodl, but to circulate through the community and build real value, the way it was meant to be used!

An accurate documentary. I was there lurking on reddit in 2015 when it all went down...

...and so, they(we) slowly began to disappear from the world...

(to be continued)

How so many of the surveillance / adware nightmares I saw on the horizon in the Windows world 20 years ago are now coming into full fruition there, no regrets leaving all that crap behind in terms of my personal computing experience. Why tolerate it?

We can craft a new simulation. We can craft a new matrix. We can remake the world as we choose, collectively. But will we?

To be living within a dimensional anomaly, a rift between universes, existing, yet not, in superposition across realities.

What a time to launch into a dream within this grand delusion! The end of the human species approaches, and here we sit, rockin and rollin in the matrix!

Peer to peer game theory incentive structures via code in the collective illusion of value within the technocracy matrix

Blessed be the gnu C++ compiler, blessed be the open source development tools running on top of the Linux kernel

Blessed be the Bitcoin Cash miners, securing peer to peer internet money for use around the world.

now streaming live for a while if anyone feels like following along. for however long I feel like....

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