A new group mind forms with every social media platform connection network.

Sex Workers are Sacred. They deserve respect, support, and love.

Interfacing once again within this protocol matrix of illusion! 😎

But oh how blissful it can be! To drift on and on, amidst the watery void, in the purity of the undefined. Wordless conscious experience.

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...unless it leads to an even deeper, darker prison: Eternal Oblivion.

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Getting back down to earth can feel like torture. Words grounded in the mundane can indeed bring the mind back down to earth, trapping it again within the bleak objective. Yet conceiving even this so-called "reality" itself is also an illusory construction of language, made to seem concrete through repeated social and mental reenforcement of the pattern. Understanding this trick can become our escape route.

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What is it about this expression of mind via language that has so often caused me to reflexively consider it a pointless waste of energy to generate and process so many words?

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The "example groups" representing "anarchist extremism" are "Antifa," which is a broad label for those who oppose fascism and the far-Right, the Occupy Movement, you know, from 2011, and The Worker's Solidarity Movement. Which is an anarchist group based mainly in Ireland.

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:cannabis_leaf: important 420/music PSA :cannabis_leaf: 

i've found the ULTIMATE stoner album

it's called dub side of the moon and it's exactly what it sounds like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C++ linguistic delights 

Mind expanding technology. How perfect that just as I find myself getting underway with developing this game geometry engine more deeply, exactly the sort of linguistic construction now needed to translate objects between custom coordinate systems happens to have just been recently to the standard C++ definition! If I can wrap my head around it, I think I can... hannes.hauswedell.net/post/201

Blessings be the games within the realms, where play consists of the act of creation itself. Long weekends rock!

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Many more steps to go before the algorithmically generated fractal terrain and more, but each step of the vision brings these potentials closer, with new surprises and powers.... And happy accidents, like the way quick zoom toggling in the latest build can trigger zoom events to fire in opposite directions at the same time for the levels above and below the current view mode, making for some wild psychedelic reactions and odd combinations of state changes, depending on the timing....

Also been discovering just how useful C++ object container templates can be, making use of list iterators, object maps with custom object key index types, and all for the sake of implementing all this in a wondrously wacky spiral coordinate system which specifies locations within the realms using 4 ints, each of which represents a linearized spiral offset from a different precision level...

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Now I can instantiate multiple simultaneous scene zoom views, and fire off different events and states to each of them independently, with a master realm view class to handle all the different scene views, and navigating between them.

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C++ geometry code geekout + screenshot 

Well, this feels good...

Just got a fairly major refactor of my realm scene rendering geometry code debugged and working quite smoothly, and with accurate precision and a cleaned up code base after many iterations of analyzing and reworking the equations....

I don't think either Microsoft or Apple software is particularly "user friendly". And certainly not more than most open source software. I think it's just a) familiar (to people who use it), and it's b) incessantly marketed that way.

At best, some of the software on each platform has some superficial visual similarity which I guess is like friendliness, but ultimately, I think it creates an expectation of consistency on which it usually fails to deliver.


good cw etiquette 101:

-content warnings can totally be used to shorten/title posts! they don’t have to be for sensitive content

-plz use CWs for posts with possible triggers like alcohol, food, self harm, mental health, drug use, etc- we also cw for eye contact in photos here (ec)

-plz cw your lewd/nsfw content! there are kiddos here as well as sex repulsed folks

-cw stuff that can fuck with screenreaders like large blocks of repeating words or emoji spam

thx for makin fedi a safer place!

Am I nuts to be choosing svg as the native format for all graphics in the wesnoth-inspired game I find myself designing? The more I learn and play with Inkscape, the more inspired I am becoming.

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