algorithmic code contemplation + image output 

What a time to rock out in the moonlight magic! What a time to set out on a legendary quest, through this imaginary land, via the power of the algorithm, a calculation from the objects, data in memory generated with opcodes output by the compiler, derived from the C++ code, translated out of the vision...

Digital Art Output image 

Output of the Code, the Digital Art: A Diamond Triangle Hex pattern, inspired by the legendary Diamond Square algorithm, generated through the C++ code (the real art is the code itself, not this sample output image, but it provides a demonstration as well as an object of meditation to inspire further development of the art)

Though there have been a few bumps along the way in the past, the latest Mixxx upgrade (2.3.2 as distributed by opensuse tumbleweed), simply outstanding in every way, as far as I can tell so far...

Layers upon layers within the illusion. Tools of perception, the art of reality warping within the chaos matrix. To stay in wonderland, and go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole...

What an utterly insane time to be alive! Contemplating fractal geometry, tools of the art, through the code, traversing the astral edge, amidst a winter wonderland.

Perceptual filter, a representation of the shfiting timewave through a reality translation matrix between dimensions.

A virtual Hobbit Asylum in Decentraland. A gathering place within the digital illusion. Coordinates 33,67 on the pretend play map of the blockchain.

AltaRED : To shift the timeline, entering an extradimensional vortex. Unreality.

C++ geometry code geekout + screenshot 

Well, this feels good...

Just got a fairly major refactor of my realm scene rendering geometry code debugged and working quite smoothly, and with accurate precision and a cleaned up code base after many iterations of analyzing and reworking the equations....

A visitor stopped by in front of my window this morning. A reminder that despite all the sadness of life, there is yet goodness in the world.

Art: Portal Into a Dark Dimension 

An Alien Dimension, Shadow Parallel Reality, Out of Which there May Be No Return

Hobbit Asylum

A gathering spot for friends of the Hobbit Asylum in virtual reality.