C++ geometry code geekout + screenshot 

Well, this feels good...

Just got a fairly major refactor of my realm scene rendering geometry code debugged and working quite smoothly, and with accurate precision and a cleaned up code base after many iterations of analyzing and reworking the equations....

Now I can instantiate multiple simultaneous scene zoom views, and fire off different events and states to each of them independently, with a master realm view class to handle all the different scene views, and navigating between them.

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Also been discovering just how useful C++ object container templates can be, making use of list iterators, object maps with custom object key index types, and all for the sake of implementing all this in a wondrously wacky spiral coordinate system which specifies locations within the realms using 4 ints, each of which represents a linearized spiral offset from a different precision level...

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Blessings be the games within the realms, where play consists of the act of creation itself. Long weekends rock!

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