What is our purpose, out here on the fringes of thought? Do we dream a new world into being with each choice?

Trek DS9 talk 

Saw the DS9 episode Children of Time for the first time last night. It must have been one of the weeks I missed during first airing, cause it seems like one I would have remembered if I had... What a mind trip!

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Trek DS9 talk -- Children of Time episode Spoilers 

To fall in love with the potential of what could be made manifest through a time loop. None of the Defiant's crew intended to be marooned on that planet 200 years in the past for the rest of their lives, yet after spending time with their own descendants, almost all were about make the choice to "save" all those lives that could have been.

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Trek DS9 talk -- Children of Time episode Spoilers 

It speaks to the power of love for one's progeny, that upon witnessing a specific manifestation of that future potential, the crew were ready to walk into the trap by choice, giving up their existing life paths to ensure this future's survival. Odo's enduring love for Kira, in this case, acting as the foil that "saved" the rest of the crew, and Kira's life.

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