Hello Mastodon World! Here we are once again. After starting this mastodon node around 4 months ago, I tried inviting all my fb friends to come make accounts over here, thinking... "Who wouldn't want a more free and open social network?" How mistaken I was. A tiny few came to say hi (thank you, the few who showed support), but most of my "real friends" still can only be contacted via fb. 😩

I don't want to post my content in that corporate walled garden anymore. I hate the censorship, the disappearing of people, the gradual degradation of the newsfeed into a cesspool of advertising and propaganda. But it's often hard for me to get sufficiently motivated to post content unless I believe my friends will read it. So for the longest time, I didn't post anything at all, anywhere.

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But now, here I am, posting into the void again, where my words might be read by a few strangers, if at all. But for the moment, this still feels better than letting my creative muscles atrophy, and it also feels better than putting my energy into a site that's just so terrible all around, even if it's where the majority of my friends continue to congregate online.

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I want to build something more. I want to be part of creating something fundamentally better. I don't want to wallow in mediocrity, or be sucked into lockin on platforms that diminish our ability to manifest the world we choose.

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