good cw etiquette 101:

-content warnings can totally be used to shorten/title posts! they don’t have to be for sensitive content

-plz use CWs for posts with possible triggers like alcohol, food, self harm, mental health, drug use, etc- we also cw for eye contact in photos here (ec)

-plz cw your lewd/nsfw content! there are kiddos here as well as sex repulsed folks

-cw stuff that can fuck with screenreaders like large blocks of repeating words or emoji spam

thx for makin fedi a safer place!

Am I nuts to be choosing svg as the native format for all graphics in the wesnoth-inspired game I find myself designing? The more I learn and play with Inkscape, the more inspired I am becoming.

So how did we get from the gleaming promise of the digital age as imagined in the 70s to the harsh cyberpunk reality of the 20s?

Centralization, rent seeking, planned obsolescence, surveillance, advertising, and copyright.

How do we move forward?

Re-decentralization, a rejection of the profit motive, building for the future/to be repaired, building for privacy, rejecting advertising, and embracing Free software.

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linux is dead? long live linux?

could there only be a few more bastions of software freedom left in the linux world, and do all of them intersect with another community, like GNU, etc?

i wonder if i could draw up some simple numbers on the number of users in corporate-owned linux distributions, and those not?

😎 The Power of Creation is in our hands!
We pull in the code.
We pull in the libraries.
We pull in the data files.
We access the interface systems.
We architect the next level of the algorithm.

Anarchist activism can be exhausting. Fighting for the complete abolition of the way society is structured is a daunting task and can easily lead to burnout. We need lifelong fights against hierarchy not burned out anarchists so remember to take time to do things you love and enjoy. Live like you are already free.

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Being anti-capitalist is not enough to protect the environment. State communism is no better than capitalist societies when it comes to issues of the environment. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China committed ecocide on a massive scale. Authority and hierarchy are killing our planet, we need to abolish all hierarchical systems in order to save it.

#anarchy #anarchism #anarchist

But the truth they tried to deny is that Bitcoin was never a trademark, or a brand, or a corporation, but an idea. No one could credibly claim as theirs a word "coined" by the clearly Anonymous Satoshi, who disappeared forever. But they sure tried, in their propaganda, to confuse people into believing that they and only they could be "the" real Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the idea lives on in the community that coalesced around the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

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So... Wall St, the banks, and their nefarious allies succeeded in sabotaging / taking over the Bitcoin Core code repository, thus crippling what most people consider to be the "official" bitcoin protocol.

to be clear: the best thing to do (short of eliminating landlords as a class) is to just say "no rent or mortgage payments are due until people can safely work again" but that would make it too obvious that we could have lived without rent all along

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If your object is to secure liberty, you must learn to do without authority and compulsion.
-- Alexander Berkman

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At the very least, keep in mind that life is NOT a zero sum game. You can succeed without requiring someone else to fail. You can be right without requiring someone else to be wrong. You can be more without requiring someone else to be less.

Remember that you can lift yourself up without pushing others down.

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Pixels on a screen. This is the essence of life has become.

"...but mostly, as a creature of the earth, I just wanted to get away from all the artificial bright lights which bombarded our eyes unceasingly. To be illuminated only by the moon, the stars, and all the brilliant darkness in between, which had since been obliterated by the incessant glow of our omnipresent electric overseers."

No banks, no fractional reserve inflation, no centralized intermediaries, no governments. Just a world wide network of wealth building exchange, plus about a zillion trolls, lunatics, and scammers on the prowl. Beware, and be aware. While the danger is real, there is much magic to be created here.

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Who among you is ready to participate in the growing Bitcoin Cash economy? What would it take to help enable this next step in our collective evolution?

Dream the light. Create the future. Manifest the vision. Sing the legend.

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