The democrats are actually very competent at doing their job, which is suppressing the left and fundraising off of being fake opposition to their friends in the GOP. Tell you that Trump is Hitler, but then fund his budgets and launder his policies.

Politics/ Making things better 

We need to build communities, and from within those communities we need to help one another.

The traditional method for mutual aid in the US has been the church. Granted, it was mutual aid with a big ol' dose of shame and only if you fit the mold.

But the first step towards surviving whatever comes next is to help one another.

We need to build networks and connections that are trustworthy and can't be easily destroyed or interrupted (more on that later.)

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Sustainable networks 

Mastodon can federate over Tor.

I dunno how well it works, but I'll find out today.

If US law forced us dark, how long would it take for us to rebuild?

Is your blog on tor? Is that enough?

How about encrypted comms? Does the NSA get to read everything you tell your friends? Does facebook? Does google?

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consider the witch, who is so often these days essentialized and biologized as a distinct species whose "bodies generate magic" and whose children inherit their difference. the witch is also a person who does something

and, in many traditions, the werewolf and the vampire can be seen as a kind of witch. in many places in Africa, "a witch is a cannibal" — definitionally, witches or sorcerors consume rhe blood or life force of others for their power, like a vampire.

consider cannibal horror, too

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I have been wondering, can Amerikkka brute force its way through this pandemic? Can they force the workers to work long enough to get a vaccine? I think about this because we have been so close to a real revolutionary moment, but it requires broader participation. In the end if all we have accomplished through all of this is just more dead workers, we will have failed. Perhaps Amerikkka is not ready to give up the power it’s amassed. We must become strong enough to take it back.

For us, everything that seeks to destroy economic and political oppression, all that which serves to raise the moral and intellectual level of human beings, to give them the consciousness of their rights and of their forces and to persuade them to do their business by themselves, all that provokes hatred against oppression and love between people, brings us closer to our aim.
-- Errico Malatesta

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i cannot go through a fast food drive through without tangibly feeling the pain of every worker in the building

it's inhumane, the shit they're expected to put up with

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A visitor stopped by in front of my window this morning. A reminder that despite all the sadness of life, there is yet goodness in the world.

I’m noticing something emerge in the fediverse that probably shouldn’t be a surprise but caught my cynical ass off-guard: citizenship.

People proud of the community their instance provides, contributing not only financially, but building shared resources for their fellow netizens, and emotional support, counseling or even just cheerleading.

I genuinely believe that this is the way forward. Small, autonomous but communicating communities building shared resources because it feels good.

I think, if we ever come out the other side of capitalism, and gain enough distance where people can look back on our society with a historical materialist perspective, it will become painfully obvious: the epidemic of mental illness is part and parcel of normal human beings trying to navigate this awful, dehumanizing system.

That is, if we don't continue to simply white knuckle through by changing ourselves rather than the circumstances

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Linux software request 

Can I get a program that will display a real time frequency and volume graph of an audio input?


Here is an attempt to preserve anarchist resources online in case anybody is interested. We are going to have to go back to sharing this information the old fashioned way(link by link), but it is becoming more important now than ever to maintain a pipeline of good anarchist content and getting that information to those that need it.

Tech opinion: we need a Linux of phones

And I don't mean like android or like an actual Linux distribution for phones, I mean the same approach to mobile development that's taken to Linux development, which is make shit that works on the worst of devices, have a million forks for users to pick from, try wacky stuff and weird configurations, and let me touch every single part of my device

Art: Portal Into a Dark Dimension 

An Alien Dimension, Shadow Parallel Reality, Out of Which there May Be No Return

Today, I was trying to find (using commercial search engines) information about a topic. Maybe 9 out of 10 or more "relevant" results was about purchasing items related to the topic. Not ads placed in the result page, no, the actual results.

I remember how, when I was younger, I used to marvel at all the information out there on the web. How it was like a giant library.

I scarcely recognize the place now. If you want to search information about a topic you don't go into a mall. But that's what it feels like I'm forced to do.

I remember going to the library and pulling out drawers of index cards to locate the relevant non-fiction shelves with good content on topics I wanted to learn about. Imagine if those index cards had been mixed with cards with advertisements on them. Increasingly diluting the content with junk. That is the web of today.

If you're being evicted or are living in your car, check this thread for some great tips:

I didn't write it, but I've experienced this exact situation, more than once, and these tips will get you pretty damn far - believe me.

Behold: The Jellyfish Sprite (explanation of wtf this thing is in the image description)

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What I don't like about app stores are what basically most of you don't like about them: there tends to be a lot of lock in.

I hate it when an OS prevents or hinders (but not warn) against installing apps from other sources.

I hate how every business feels they *need* an app, lot alone a highly branded and silo'd one. Please use or establish standards and lot others build your app for you!

Been reading some appstore hate recently...


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Hey #Fediverse / #FediverseMusic folks - anybody aware of something like Twitter lists for the fediverse? I'm not talking about the private "organize stuff you want to read" use case (Mastodon lists do that), but rather the public "curate and share a feed that aggregates similar folks" use case.

Specifically it'd be great to get some lists of Fediverse musicians as an entry point for those who want to follow overall or are new to the community. I'd be happy to curate such a list.

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