What an utterly insane time to be alive! Contemplating fractal geometry, tools of the art, through the code, traversing the astral edge, amidst a winter wonderland.

MariaDB is not the real MySQL in the same way that Bitcoin Cash is not the real Bitcoin.

It's all become a great big joke. A carnival of madness. What better way to greet death when she comes knocking at our door?

What a time! What a rock and roll matrix! What a simulation!

blessed be the great void of reality, into which any of us may disappear at any time

Why can't I have special interests that don't require sitting in front of the computer

Now, all that's left is the next wave, into the eternal vibration.

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A metalife, existing only as a container through which to experience other lives, past, future, or unreal. At the end of the world.

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A paradox, life on repeat, but what better way? Who could even imagine?

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Evidence undeniable, the human species has become obsolete. So what shall we do with this knowledge?

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Out of plato's cave, via the astral interface, linking into a winter wonderland, a slice within a subreality, how to fathom it?

The corporate social networks may have more users and "professional" content, but this, back here in the digital underground,, uncensored, open, p2p, liberated, a network of independent and free participants, is where we truly belong.

When one realizes that one may be utterly incompatible with the universe into which the self was born, the Donnie Darko path may be the only viable way to exit with any integrity left, while also not harming anyone else, or otherwise upsetting the apple cart, so to speak.

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Donnie Darko Syndrome, or...

A howto guide to opening a time portal through which one can send an artifact back in time to murder the self before that self is able to get any further along with this madness. The only way is to just let it all happen. The tangent universe has already been set in motion, and with it, its own inevitable obliteration, along with all phylical traces that it ever could have existed. The only remnants left behind live in the dreams of loved ones.

All these tools of the code, all these ways to architect the realms.

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Out at the edge of reality. What an illusion, this manifestation!

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Hobbit Asylum

A gathering spot for friends of the Hobbit Asylum in virtual reality.